Joshua Caditz : The Queen Bee Leader

Nisma Qureshi

 I set out to continue my interview series with this teacher, Joshua Caditz.

I asked Joshua Caditz, a new science teacher a few questions to let everyone get to know a few things about him. Firstly, he said that OES is an amazing place with amazing people. I completely agree as a new member of the OES community it has wonderful kind and caring people, truly the ideal environment! I asked what some favorite parts of OES are, and he said that in particular he enjoys activity and Winterim, those are truly unique programs.

A few hobbies he enjoys are mainly outdoor activities such as sailing or whitewater kayaking. Some indoor activities he enjoys are reading. Another fact to remember about Joshua is that he is “fascinated by fungi” due to it’s impressive structure. So if you enjoy any of these hobbies, you might want to talk to Joshua!

I asked another questions about his current job as a teacher and his favorite parts of it, I was very impressed by the answer. Joshua said that he enjoys seeing a student grow and recognize their own strengths.

When I asked if he could describe himself with one word I was given a very philosophical answer. He told me that to use one word to describe something would be equivalent to trying “to simplify large complex ideas down to a bumper sticker.”

Finally, a message from the Queen Bee leader of Group B to the Bees in Group B: “Go Bees!”