Appreciative Aardvarks: What the Writers of The Dig are Grateful For in 2021

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so here’s what we are thankful for this year…

Ellie R: I am thankful for the added days to break due to conferences and the time I’m going to spend annoying the rest of my family when my older sister visits from college. I am also appreciative of the upcoming snowsuit required, outdoor, late-night friendsgiving I have planned for next week!

Ava K: I’m thankful for my family and friends who have supported me during the pandemic. My mental health hasn’t exactly been phenomenal recently, but knowing I can talk to my sister, parents, or friends has helped a lot. I’m also thankful for the return of live theater, the upcoming Minecraft update, and the time I’ve been able to spend writing. 🙂

Hiathan N: I’m thankful for the family time that comes with Thanksgiving break. I enjoy sharing a meal with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and immediate family. This tradition not only keeps us from growing distant but also gives me something to look forward to—the food and the people. 

Hugh B: I am thankful for the innumerable opportunities OES provides, allowing me to choose what I like, and also pick up on some new things I haven’t done before. I have never done any sort of journalistic writing myself, and only recently found an interest after having read so many articles over the past couple years, so I hesitated when it came to joining The Dig. But after seeing how stress-free it is, I got used to it pretty quick, and now I would not switch out of the activity for anything. Overall, OES has allowed me to stick with what I enjoy, and also try out new things in a comfortable environment.

Torben K: I am thankful for yams and the family I get to eat said yams with.

Alexander M: I’m grateful for the opportunities my parents have been able to provide for my sister throughout our lifetimes that many other people aren’t able to get. I am thankful that they have been able to give me a quality education, a stable household, and other resources that will better set me up for success in the future. 

Grant B: I’m thankful that basketball season is starting and the community and atmosphere that encompasses it. I am also thankful for the opportunities I have at OES in terms of activities, clubs, etc. I am grateful for my teachers who are excellent and make learning fun and easier.

Mia F: I am thankful for pumpkin bread, fall music, family, and friends. I am grateful for time for myself and time with my brother. I am excited for free time to relax and watch movies. I am grateful for the re-release of Red for giving me something to listen to.

Anna Blake P: I am grateful for my family, and this unique time of year when the distance between our homes feels small, and we can sit together in the cold and enjoy the early winter (the best season of them all). I am thankful for my little brother and the friendship we have always had, even though our current lives have become very different. And I am thankful for my Aunt Glenna’s purple Jell-o salad.

Kyle N: I am thankful for all the people I have in my life who are able to support me in becoming a better person. I am thankful for the many friends I have in OES who are inclusive and kind to me. I appreciate everything that my family is able to provide me including education, shelter and love. 

Image courtesy of Reid Park Zoo