Career Explorers-Finding Your Dream Job

Grant Button

A few months ago, my friend Edward and I were curious about what jobs the parents in the OES community have. We realized that we had really no idea about what other parents’ professions were. Considering that OES is an independent school with a very diverse and interesting community, we thought that many parents might have really fascinating jobs, so we went out looking for parents willing to share their life’s work with us.

We started our process of creating a club by sending an email out to all of the parents to determine if there was adequate interest. Then, once we found that there was, we gave them a form to fill out asking what their job is and how they got there, with the end goal of having them present this information on a zoom meeting to all OES students willing to participate. Fast forward a few months and a lot of obstacles and emails with parents, we were ready to finalize the time of the zoom meeting. 

Last Thursday at 6-7 pm, the zoom meeting took place and was a huge success as all of the students who attended thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and asked a lot of questions to the two parents. The first parent speaker we had was Mr.Geweke who is the former Warner Brothers Chief Digital Officer as well as the Vice President of Strategy and Business. He was fascinating and really understood modern technologies and applications, and even made a WILD future production about where technology is headed. The second parent who spoke was Dr.Button who is a spine and orthopedic surgeon, and gave INVALUABLE advice for students in high school and older. Owen, an OES student who attended the zoom meeting, says that the meeting was incredibly fun and that he appreciated the more casual environment the meeting was held in. Normally he said that meetings with such high up people are extremely formal but the relaxed environment the zoom meeting was held in allowed for many questions to be asked and answered. It also allowed for everyone to get to know the parents much better from a personality standpoint, a unique experience that students could not otherwise get. He also mentioned the passion Dr.Button spoke with about his work and how neat it was to hear a person speak with such a unique job in Mr.Geweke. 

Although our first meeting was a success, we now as a club hope to expand our audience and give the opportunity to all to listen to these amazing parents. We brainstormed and came up with a solution which is creating our very own YouTube channel which is a recording of the zoom meeting (with the parent’s permission of course). This way everyone, even outside the OES community can access and learn from these parents, and not just some students at a specific time on a specific zoom meeting. We hope to get a lot of interest and attention on our YouTube channel so possibly we could have zoom meetings more frequently, as well as spend more time editing the zoom videos before posting them on our youtube channel. All in all, we hope to create a large community of parents speaking and an audience that really learns from and enjoys the talks. If you are interested, please click the link to be directed to our YouTube channel, which currently has two videos up, both talking about the parents mentioned above.