Secrets of the Fall Play

Nisma Qureshi

We all know what the current play is, and how fast it sold out.

The fall play of 2021 at OES, the Curse of the Castle Spectre has grown surprisingly in popularity. As an actor in the play, I was shocked at how much people wanted to see it. We all know the basic facts about the show, that it runs from Wednesday to Saturday and that it’s unnecessarily dramatic. What some people don’t know is that there are a few surprises in the show. 

The first big surprise are the inserts. Inserts are when everyone breaks character and acts like their natural selves.  Honestly, the inserts are one of the hardest parts of the show. This can be very confusing for the audience so I wanted to clarify that during the show we are a group of actors who are acting.

The second big surprise is the stage and seating set up. To be able to fit more people our current stage is an L-shaped stage. So people can see the side of the actors as well as the front when watching the show. I know I speak for everyone when I say that it isn’t easy to include the entire audience and face everyone when acting.

Finally, the last big surprise is the set.I have been in quite a few shows before and I have never seen a set as versatile as this one. In our show we have secret passageways, towers, and an oratory. The tech and set team really help make this show come together so I wanted to thank them for helping us tell a dramatic story.

If you somehow managed to get tickets to our show, watch out for those highlights!