Nisma’s Recommendations: Winter Break Edition

Nisma Qureshi

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. However, winter break can sometimes be very boring. Here are some activities I recommend doing to keep your break fun & exciting:

  1. Bake 

A great thing to do during the holiday season is bake. You can bake cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, mug cakes, or even different breads. If you’re not a fan of eating baked goods, you can give them to your neighbors, family, or friends. This is a good strategy because everyone you make baked goods for will be in your debt. It’s a win-win for both parties.

  1. Walk/See lights

This might sound like a boring activity, but walking is very calming. I normally prefer to walk alone and listen to music. It’s a good way to center yourself and calm your nerves. Walking is perfect for the holiday season because you can see all the lights. You can go to Peacock Lane, the Zoo, or even the Portland Raceway to see lights from the warmth of your car. Last year, I went to the Portland Raceway and facetimed a friend (since we were still amid a pandemic) to watch the lights “together.”

  1. Read

I know not everyone loves to read, but it’s a good way to relax and rest your eyes from screens before bed. I recommend The Hobbit. If you want bonus points, read The Lord of the Rings and then watch the movie adaptations of each series.

  1. Watch a movie or tv series

I’m pretty sure we all watch at least one film or tv series during school breaks. I am definitely a nerd along with my parents, so if you haven’t seen it yet we recommend watching Farscape, Star Trek, or Star Wars (No Star Wars and Star Trek are NOT the same things. Educate yourselves.)

  1. Sleep

Sleeping is one of the best things to do during break. We will never be at an age where we can sleep for 12 hours again, so take advantage of this free time.

  1. Spend time with family and friends

This is pretty self-explanatory. During the holidays, people come together to celebrate. Some of us couldn’t do that last year because of COVID-19, so I recommend taking advantage of winter break to see others this year.

  1. Play a board game or video game

My family plays a lot of board games. We are what you would call board game experts. We have fights about if someone won because they barely saw a card in the deck or technically broke a rule. We play classics like Monopoly and Poker, but we also love playing nerdier games like Forbidden Island. As for video games, I just finished playing AC: Valhalla for the second time, and it was great!

  1. Cook

Cooking is another thing to do when you’re bored. It can take up a lot of time if you’re making something complicated, and it’s a good way to show someone you care about them. You can also help someone make a meal.

  1. Knit or sew

Yes, I know this makes me sound like a 92-year-old grandmother, but don’t discredit these activities until you’ve tried them. Recently, I sewed a dress for the fall play, The Curse of the Castle Spectre, and it was really fun.

  1. Basketball

Any sport works for this, but Basketball is courtesy of H. Mirza ’25. I ran out of ideas for the last suggestion for this article, so I asked a classmate. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer my question, so please pay attention to this last suggestion.

Have a great break everyone!

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