National Ugly Sweater Day Is Coming Up

Grant Button

National Ugly Sweater Day Is Coming Up.

That’s right! If you are a die-hard ugly sweater fan, December 17th is a day to celebrate. First brought into the spotlight by Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase in The Cosby Show, ugly sweaters have taken off in popularity. In 2014, the designer of the sweaters for CNN and The Cosby Show said the design “(was) not all that popular at first, but became more popular later on, because suddenly people would watch the show and say, ‘What the f@%# was that?’” The craziness of the sweaters has caused a worldwide trend that store owners think is unstable. Whether people buy these sweaters as a joke or to actually wear them is beyond me, but something clearly clicks in people’s heads when they see the tackiness of an ugly sweater. Trend supporters have gone so far as to host competitions for the best and most creative sweaters, and websites such as nationaldaycalander advise people on how to win these competitions. Their help ranges from “clever” puns to extra lighting (however that works on a sweater). 

This year, from September to November, 26,000 ugly Christmas sweaters were sold on eBay alone. This statistic highlights the steadily increasing market for ugly sweaters. 23% of people “don’t doubt” they will buy an ugly sweater at some point. has become a multimillion-dollar company in three years. Hugh, an OES student in the class of 2024, isn’t surprised such a ‘holiday’ exists. He agrees ugly sweaters are on the rise, and there are many horrifying choices to choose from (unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten around to buying one yet). “I believe there’s an ugly sweater for everyone out there, and you should definitely consider getting one—or two.” Hugh even recommends starting a collection—as long as you can get your sweaters by the 17th.

Speaking of the 17th, has a handy countdown. However, in all this madness, two really interesting and shockingly fantastic things have emerged. The first is community. The websites selling ugly Christmas sweaters support fellow ugly Christmas sweater fanatics in celebrating this holiday. Many people share the commonality of wearing their sweaters with pride. Second, there is an aspect of charity on many of these sweater websites. They encourage people to donate, which is a characteristic not typically found on websites trying to make a profit.


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