Ellie’s List of Perfect Songs

Ellie Riser

Hello my little musical goblins, it’s been far too long since I last wrote you, and for that, I’m deeply sorry…but today, the wait is over! I have put (what small bits I have left of) my heart and soul into curating a list of songs that are nothing short of perfect. I encourage you to listen along with the playlist I’ve created and prepare to laugh, cry, die, be reborn, and die once more as we dive into Ellie’s List of Perfect Songs. 

In this article I will be once again highlighting the only redeemable quality I have; my music taste. Before I do though, I will warn you all that if you simply don’t agree with one or more of these songs being perfect, that’s fine! Just don’t say it to my face. I don’t know what will happen if you do, but I have like 6 months left here, and I am very tired.

No. 1 – You’re Mine – Phantogram

This song is absolutely intoxicating. Everything about it sucks you in. Once the chorus hits, especially the second one, you’re trapped. It’s hard to find songs that perfectly encapsulate a feeling, but this song, oh boy. From the title, to the lyrics, to the sound, they all work to create exactly what it feels like when you want someone all to yourself. Muah, 10/10.

No. 2 – Rose Golden – Kid Cudi

Now switching completely from song number 1, we have this gorgeous piece by one of my favorites. I won’t lie, the build is a bit boring upon the first listen, but at 1:06, you are transported. I HIGHLY recommend listening to this either in a car, or with headphones to feel the full effect. I don’t think there is another song that I have connected with so deeply, even if it’s cheesy, the lyrics resonate so intensely on this track. It’s not necessarily anything different–content wise–from the rest of Cudi’s discography, but for some reason everytime this song comes on, it feels somewhat like a chant, a weird calling. Beautiful, magnificent, angelic. 

No. 3 – I Won’t Share You/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me – The Smiths (Morissy sucks though)

Ok quickly circling back to the possessive tone, I Won’t Share You is beyond magical. Some argue that Morissy has a particularly whiny voice that ruins many songs, and I would say that’s pretty true, however in these 2 songs, oh my god. From 2:01-2:34 in I Won’t Share You, this evil, vile, horrendous man sounds like a fallen angel. Again with Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, we see little Morissey’s crybaby tone being perfectly cradled in a gorgeous ballad of hopelessness and disparity. It really feels like your heart is being ripped out in this one. I love it. 

No. 4 – Amber – Unusual Demont

Shout out to Lauren B., class of ‘22 at Central Catholic for this one. The push and pull of this song between the intro, the verses, and the chorus is like no other. The beat is so infectious and the way it’s used to stall the words “baby”(1:19) and “baby…girl”(1:29) is extraterrestrial. It would be really awkward if you just read that last line without listening to the song, so I beg you, for my own sanity to do that so that you know what I mean. The gravely “ah” throughout helps float you through the transitions so effortlessly. AHHH. Yeah, please listen. 

No. 5 – When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole

Did I cry when I heard this song for the first time? Absolutely. Have I cried almost every time I’ve listened to it since? No, only a few times. The composition of this song is the epitome of timeless. There’s also no mention of a girl or a boy in the lyrics, it’s a perfect simplification of this idea we call “love”. The violins and Cole’s voice have a way of creating some kind of movie in your mind for a glorious 3 minutes and 10 seconds. This song is exactly what fairy tales should sound like. Don’t forget that 50% of marriages end in divorce in America, though. Love isn’t real. NEXT!

No. 6 – Drain You – Nirvana

Haha, I did put this one right after When I Fall In Love on purpose. These songs could not be more different in sound, yet, in my mind they are expressing similar things. In this song, Kobain creates a gruesome image of love as if it’s this obsessive, debilitating sickness that drains partners of one another. Nirvana was known for their bleak takes on life through their lyrics, and this song highlights that theme. It’s hectic and turbulent, but there lies a weird sense of honesty, and beauty within that honesty. The line “I don’t care what you think unless it is about me” is one of my all time favorites. It is such an amazing jab at the inherent selfish need we have as humans to know how we’re perceived, especially by the ones we care about. This whole song is just a beautifully grotesque reflection on people and the consuming feeling of love. 

No. 7 – I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind (Live) – Ms. Lauryn Hill

The pinnacle of musical art.

No. 8 – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie – WZRD, Desire

Ok, this song is very special to me. Part of me didn’t want to put it on this list because I like people not knowing it. I discovered Kid Cudi’s alias WZRD exactly a year ago and fell head over heels with this song. There’s something about this track that feels so passionate and psychedelic, once again wrestling with that feeling of just wanting to be around one person and one person only. The background vocals, from Desire “Under Your Spell”, remind me of Enya’s “Only Time” in the best of ways, and add such an unique, retro tone to the song. 

No. 9 – Nobody’s Perfect – J. Cole

This is another song that, until today, I only shared with a select few. I don’t know how this song has floated under the radar for so long, honestly blows my mind. The beat is infectious, and Cole’s flow is catchy and clever as always. Missy Elliott adds the perfect energy to the chorus. I love this song and will never get tired of it. 

No. 10 – Sextape – Deftones

This song feels like cracking your knuckles for the first time in centuries.

No. 11 – Call It Fate, Call It Karma – The Strokes

There’s something about the first chorus that makes me want to melt into the floor. This song genuinely fills my heart to the brim with happiness. This is the kinda song I imagine myself listening to in the kitchen while I bake with my soulmate, it’s the definition of dreamy. It sounds like the sun coming through your window and lighting up your room for the first time in months. 

No. 12 – Semi On Em – Gucci Mane, Chief Keef

This song is pure villany. I don’t think you can get the feeling that this gives you from anything else. The bass is scrumptious, the verses are infectious, and it’s Gucci Mane and Chief Keef. You can’t stop your head from bobbing with this one. If you are someone who hates trap music, I would love to hear your take on this song, because I genuinely don’t understand how someone can not enjoy it.

No. 13 – Daydreamin’ – Lupe Fiasco, Jill Scott

No. 14 – I Lied – Lord Huron, Allison Ponthier

This is the most beautiful of breakup songs. While I feel that many songs of this genre can turn childish or unsophisticated, this song marries the idea of grief and victory in a great way. The sad country tones are that of your typical “we are no more and now I am sad and alone” breakup song, but the lyrics like “told you I could never live without your love but I lied” have a slightly triumphant, although bittersweet tone. The way that Ponthier’s voice compliments this track is absolutely unmatched. This whole track is just absolutely stunning. 

No. 15 – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over – Jeff Buckley

If you could just skip to 2:18 for me and read a long below… 

“Sometimes a man gets carried away/When he feels like he should be having his fun/Much too/blind to see the damage he’s done/Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really,/He has no-one…”

I guarantee you will involuntarily scream these lyrics if you ever listen to this song again. It’s just how it goes. RIP Jeff. One of the best rockstars the world ever had. Gone too soon. NEXT.

No. 16 – All I Need – Radiohead

Are you the type of person that puts people they like, romantically or platonically, on a pedestal for absolutely no reason and then gets hurt when you see their true colors? Have you ever gotten out of a relationship of any kind and felt absolutely helpless and like there’s nothing in the universe that could bring you to care about anything? Yes? Then this is the song for you! With Radiohead’s “All I Need”, you can amplify all of those feelings for a lovely 3:48 minutes! Even if you have never felt the things I just described, this song sure will make you feel like you have! Listen to “All I Need” by Radiohead today!

No. 17 – IFHY – Tyler, The Creator, Pharrell Williams

If you were thinking about adding these songs to a playlist that might be played in front of the family, I would implore you to leave this one off. However, if you are looking for something to go a lil cray-cray to, this is the hit for you.

No. 18 – Heartbeat – Childish Gambino

No. 19 – Electric – Alina Baraz, Khalid