My Experience…

By Nisma Qureshi

I recently got tested for COVID-19 at school, and this is what happened.

On January 5th 2022 I got tested for COVID-19, as did a majority of my grade. It’s no secret that the Freshman grade did comparatively terrible compared to the rest of the grades in terms of COVID-19 cases. If you weren’t made aware, recently a handful of my fellow classmates got COVID. As a result a majority of my classmates had to get tested for COVID, I was one of them.

This was an interesting experience for me, and by interesting I mean terrifying. It isn’t anything the school did, it was just the thought that I might have COVID. A disease which seemed so far away and distant in the beginning of the year has now made a home in the OES lobby.

I got an email in the middle of English class, that I had to get tested. I was worried, because I had seen it 25 minutes after it was sent. I asked my English teacher, Josina Reaves if I could go get tested and she said yes (obviously.) 

I rushed down the stairs and I saw multiple students with either their phone or laptop in hand. I had already gotten tested once before at school earlier on in the year. This led me to believe I had an idea of what to expect, I was very wrong.

I walked up to a table and signed in, I then went into a classroom I never knew existed. For me discovering classrooms that never existed is common, because I have never been to OES before this year. 

If you didn’t know this about me, I have a fear of things going into my ears, nose and throat. You can imagine how terrible it is to visit an ENT doctor. Unfortunately, this fear leads me to be absolutely terrified of COVID tests. I do them anyway, because it’s important for my safety and the safety of others around me.

As I walked up to the person who had what seemed like a giant plastic stick that was meant to be used to reach my brain, I started panicking. I eventually got the swab and tried leaving. 

In all my fear, I forgot that I was supposed to wait for my results. I sat in the makeshift hospital waiting room the school made in the middle of the lobby. I waited for what felt like hours. I’m normally a very patient person, but at the time I was worried I had COVID.

Eventually someone walked up to me and said I was negative. I asked him to repeat my results to make absolutely sure that I was negative. He laughed and then said once again I was negative. I returned to my English class that day, relieved.