Review of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Mia Fitzloff

Sadly, I was out of town for the opening night of the show stopping, Marvel-Sony Collab, Spiderman No Way Home. However, I did go see it in theaters as soon as I got home. And there’s a lot to process. 


For the bulk of background information, please refer to Anna Blake P. ’22’s article My Preview Speculations About Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is simply going to be a review, because there’s no need to be repetitive, and Anna Blake’s knowledge of the MCU is far more vast than mine. In fact, I was only semi aware of No Way Home’s release when we left on Winter Break. My cousin, on the other hand, is a Marvel fiend. She went to see No Way Home on opening night and AGAIN with her family to prevent spoilers and fighting. We met up for Winter Break and she convinced me to grow my Marvel repertoire. I’d already seen Guardians of the Galaxy, all the Iron Mans, Captain America: Civil War, Wandavision, and potentially more but I can’t remember exactly. I’d also seen PART of the original Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire, though I knew him more as Nick Carraway from Great Gatsby. 

Anyways, while on vacation with my cousin, we watched all of the remaining Spidermans (Spiderman 2-3, Both of The Amazing Spider-Mans, and Homecoming and Far From Home), in addition to Infinity War and End Game. I know this probably sounds like the saddest vacation ever but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. After the trip, I of course was left on the ominous cliffhanger that ends Far From Home as Anna Blake explained. So, I went to see No Way Home with my dad as soon as possible. 

Image from Screen Rant


Finally, here are my thoughts. Spider-Man: No Way Home was one of the most emotional, well done Spider-Man movies in the franchise, in my opinion. I believe for years now people have been waiting for the movie where Marvel and Sony would finally collaborate and this movie really met my expectations. It is the perfect balance between Marvel’s Spiderman, who everyone knows as simply Tom Holland, who is an avenger and like a son to Tony Stark, and the OG Sony Peter Parkers: Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Personally, The Amazing Spider-Mans were my favorites, so I was so excited when not only Andrew Garfield appeared in No Way Home, but so did his villains (Max aka Electro, and the weird doctor who wants everyone to be lizards). And of course, Tobey Maguire and his villains: Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Sandman. 

The basic plot of No Way Home is as follows: After Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) exposed Peter Parker (Tom Holland), for being Spider-Man, and “killing” him, the whole world turns against Spider-Man. All of his privacy is invaded including where he lives, where he goes to school, who he is friends with (Ned), and who he is dating (MJ). It also causes problems for his loved ones. When neither Peter, Ned, nor MJ get into the college of their choosing, Peter realizes he needs to do something about the whole world being against him. So, he goes to Dr. Strange and asks him for a favor. At first, there isn’t anything Strange can do for Peter, but then he recalls a memory spell that would cause everyone to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but, while Strange is casting the spell, Peter starts to freak out when he realizes there’s actually a lot of people who he doesn’t want to forget him. The spell doesn’t go through, but, there was a brief period of time where it was enacting where something went wrong. The spell made it so that figures from other multiverses, (Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield) came to Tom Holland’s universe. Specifically, any people that knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man. But there are two other Spider-Men named Peter Parker?!?!?! So that meant the people who knew Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man to be Peter Parker AND those who knew Andrew Garfield’s to come to TOM’S world. Enter: the villains. I’m not going to get into any more specific details about the villains, but Tom’s Peter ends up needing help, obviously now that he’s wildly outnumbered, so… in come Tobey and Andrew! The scene of all three Peters fighting is amazing. It will truly go down in history. There are countless moments in the movie where elements from Tobey and Andrew’s movies were brought up and it really felt like everything came full circle. (Especially with the MJ falling scene). 

The ending leaves a lot of unanswered questions for Tom’s Spider-Man. Really do not read this next part if you want to go see it. The movie ends with EVERYONE having to forget who he is. Including MJ and Ned AND Strange. Nobody knows who Peter Parker is at all, which means, he never existed, he never went to high school or graduated or was an Avenger. The ending makes me very nervous, but Tom Holland did sign a contract for 3 more Spider-Man movies, so I’m relieved to know that isn’t the end for them.