Reviewing ‘Don’t Look Up’

By Alexander Matthews

Don’t Look Up is a movie that has caused controversy from polarized sides of the political spectrum and brought how society reacts to impending catastrophic events in near time. 

Don’t Look Up, a film that premiered on Netflix on Christmas eve of last year stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky, a professor and Ph.D. candidate in astronomy who discover a dangerous comet hurtling towards earth that would wipe out all living population on earth. However, warnings are interrupted and taken hesitantly by the public. The movie is meant to be a satirical take on how today’s world responds to a life-shattering event such as this one by revealing how oblivious news media outlets and the corrupt Orlean administration values ratings more than the human race.

 The Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 78% rating, while a 54% rating on the Tomatometer. Overall audience reviews describe the movie as humorous, although some parts were serious, forming a stark contrast. Critics are harsher in their ratings, saying that “Don’t Look Up “is more than just mean-spirited and smug. It’s aggressively those things—that is, until that sentimental coda”, as Max Weiss of Baltimore Magazine puts it.

Personally, I felt Don’t Look Up was a funny yet disturbing movie to watch, as it reflected many of the struggles with our society, from our uncooperative government to the frustration of getting people to take the comet seriously. It reminded me of the challenge of getting people to get vaccinated- even to believe COVID-19 is real and something that needs to be taken with precaution. Also, there were parts of the film I questioned- like if there was a deadly comet hurtling towards earth? Why would the United States be the sole country leading the response? Why wouldn’t other countries(with people of varied views than Americans) help stop the comet? It was something that had me wondering even after the movie finished. Overall, I would give Don’t Look Up 8/10 for its witty and sentimental take on how the U.S. public would prepare for such an event- and maybe even a foreshadowing of the demise of humanity. 

Rotten Tomatoes: