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Lola Burlingame

This is my opinion, and I am aware that I have a slightly concerning taste in anime. But if you find yourself up till 2 am watching these, you can blame it on me. <3

High-Rise Invasion (2021) - Netflix | Flixablesource 

High Rise Invasion (MA): Set in an alternate world—one where you either kill or get killed. Yuri has been sent here, and soon realizes her brother has too. The ‘masks’ are supposedly mindless killers, controlled by the creator of this world. Yuri perceives that the masks have more to them than meets the eye. But as Yuri navigates the rules and strange twists in High Rise Invasion, she notices that the masks are people too—and that they can be joined. Yuri and her companion, Mayuko, go on a mission to defeat their challengers and find Yuri’s brother, all the while fighting to survive. 

I wasn’t bored for a second. There is so much action and so many questions that have not yet been answered. I highly recommend this if you are into action, although there are more mature themes throughout the show. All of the characters are really complicated, and it brings up the question of, “Who is in the right?” There are currently only 12 episodes, located on Netflix, but it is said that there will be a second season coming out in the near future…

Darwin's Game | Apple TVsource 

Darwin’s game (MA): One night, Kaname Sudo gets a mysterious text from his friend. The friend who had gone missing just mere hours before… It’s a link—one that leads to a video game. Not knowing what it is, Sudo clicks the link and is brought to the game, one that seems too real to be virtual. He soon realizes that this is no ordinary site, it brings in real monsters for the players to fight. The players also get to fight each other- which brings Sudo to a tricky spot with a high level and undefeated player named Shuka. After proving his worth as a player to her they team up, slowly making their way up to the top and learning as much as they can; trying to stop the game and regain their normal lives.

I found the mix of reality and fiction really intriguing. You almost feel as if you are going to be sucked in too. To be completely honest, I was not the biggest fan of the main character at first (I promise he gets better), but the side characters are amazing! They all have special abilities that fit them well in my opinion. There are currently 12 episodes, located on Netflix.

Banana Fish – Anime Review | Nefarious Reviewssource 

Banana Fish (heads up, you WILL be emotionally damaged after this)(MA): Eiji Okumura has been having trouble getting back on his feet since the end of his pole vaulting career. When his mentor sees he is struggling, he gives Eiji an opportunity of a lifetime- to go to New York. Eiji has never been outside of Japan before, and as he enters the crazy world of Ash Lynx, he realizes that the world is much more cruel than he originally thought. The combination of Eiji’s kind heart and curiosity, mixed with Ash’s intelligence and survival skills leads the two into an emotional adventure together. As Eiji gets used to this new environment, Ash gets used to his company. But when Eiji is put in danger, what is Ash willing to give up to save him? 

This left me crying for weeks, this is an absolute work of art. There is so much in Banana Fish that is absolutely heartbreaking and unfair. That’s why it’s so good, because even if we struggle, we still have things to fight for. I don’t want to give away too much about it—you need to watch it for yourself! It really changed my understanding of the people around me and made me realize that you should look deeper than the surface. Warning: there are mature topics contained in this show.

How Death Note Ended | CBRsource 

Death Note (14): Light Yagami has always possessed a strong sense of justice. When the power to take life away is given to Light, he uses this newfound power to kill those he deems evil. This ability allows Light to kill people from afar, only having to write their name and cause of death in the Death Note. With people in a panic over these mysterious deaths, a world famous detective who goes by the name of L, is asked to aid the police in finding the cause. When Light gets a request to help with the investigation along-side L, he has to avoid getting caught while persisting in his mission. These two are caught in a psychological battle, each trying to prove their intelligence over the other. 

From the second that it starts, Death Note draws you in with its suspensefulness. The art itself is really beautiful, it’s both visually dark along with the looming feeling of darkness around every corner. There are moments when the viewer is just as clueless as the people trying to catch Light, then something unexpected occurs and it leaves you rethinking everything that just happened. I highly recommend Death Note, and even though it can get a little slow at times, it’s all part of the build-up. 

TT Poll #251: Ouran High School Host Clubsource 

Ouran Host Club (PG): “The Ouran Host Club is where the school’s handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies, who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy’s elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful.” Haruhi is the exception of this, he has earned a scholarship and feels slightly out of place. One day, Haruhi walks into the Host Club and ends up in their debt after breaking an overly expensive vase. When Haruhi is caught up in the action of the Host Club, he gets pulled into joining their hilarious adventures and causes deeper secrets to be revealed.

All of these characters grew on me. They all have their own personalities that work together perfectly. I’ve watched Ouran Host Club three times now, and every time I find something new that I hadn’t seen the first time. I found myself cracking up at every episode, and shedding tears because of others. And I have to admit, the opening and closing songs are really catchy. 

If you made it this far, you are officially one of my favorite people. Congratulations! I have so much more to say and not a lot of word space left. Down below is a list of more cool anime to watch! If you have any suggestions, agree, or passionately disagree, please feel free to tell me or write a comment! Let people know in the comments what your favorite anime is…

Hunter x hunter, Attack on Titan, Given, Yuri on Ice, Ergo Proxy, Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue, Paprika, No Game No Life, Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, A Silent Voice, Blue Exorcist, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Levius, Monster