Enriching Experiences I Hope Everyone Has at Least Once

By Nisma Qureshi

These will improve your quality of life and it will take just around 5 minutes to read!

  1. You feel your chest rise up and down, because of how tired you are. The performance is over and you completely nailed the finale. You performed in one of those old theatres that has posters of shows they had before. You can feel yourself surrounded by acting greatness. You are still in your finale pose and you stare out into the crowd, worried about their reaction. All of a sudden, every single audience member stands up. You can hear the roaring cheers. Your first standing ovation, and on opening night.
  1. One summer night when you can’t sleep, you decided to turn on some lights. Not so many to the point where you get a headache, but enough to be able to read and see the beauty of the world around you. You spend the night doing random things, looking out the window, watching videos, drawing, writing, listening to music and reading. Not talking to anyone, remaining all alone in the dead of night, enjoying the silence. You can see the entire neighborhood at night, while everyone is asleep you’re awake and that makes you feel unique and heard by the universe.
  1. Riding in a relatively empty bus, while laying down on two seats. Listening to music and then all of a sudden looking up and seeing the sky as a mix of purple, blue, pink and purple, like a sunset straight out of a fantasy book. And in that moment, feeling accepted and calm.
  1. You are sitting at your desk writing and all of a sudden you hear something hit the window. It happens again and again until you can’t stand it anymore and you run to the window. You see the exact person you want to see smiling at you.
  1. You are in your room reading and your window is open, because let’s face it your window is always open. You hear a soft rustling outside. You turn to see pouring rain. If you’re anything like me, you’re very excited and you drop everything you’re doing and rush to the door. You are greeted with millions of raindrops all falling precariously onto your face and you enjoy the quiet beauty of life. As you recapture your youth, you run outside smiling and you just dance in the rain for hours.
  1. One summer afternoon you are greeted with a perfect sun, the type of sunshine that only shines that way at exactly 3:18 PM. You are in the perfect summer outfit and you decided to run outside, into a garden. You enjoy life, and attempt to do cartwheels and tricks. At one point you fall over laughing and instead of getting up you stare at the sky, counting clouds.
  1. You stroll into the cafeteria, not caring what others see. You are wearing your all black clothes and your signature black hoodie. You are listening to the music you love, as you find the people you normally sit with they hesitate to take a seat. You roll your eyes and aggressively pick a table and pull up a chair. You close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, reveling in the chaos. Yes, I do this everyday.
  1. You walk into the Laundromat downtown, there aren’t many people there. You’re relatively alone. You have your laundry and your backpack with you. You decided to dress in comfortable clothes that day. You start washing your clothes, you hear the low humming of the washing machine. You take a seat by the window, and do your homework as you wait. You can feel the warmth from the dryer and you can smell the detergent, in that moment everything feels perfect.
  1. You were sitting outside just watching the day slip into night, and in an instant the sky turned cloudy and started raining. You watched each droplet fall, each one creating a miniscule splash. Instead of running inside to prevent getting soaked, you simply lay down and closed your eyes. You could feel the water on your back and face. You stayed to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
  1. One winter morning you wake up before everyone else, you’re freezing so you put on your most comfortable hoodie and you slowly make your way to the window. You pull open your curtains and you see the entire world. You hear your stomach grumble, and decide to make ramen for breakfast. As you cook, you enjoy the calm that comes with silence. You head back to your room and realize that everyone is in bed asleep, everyone but you.
  1. One weekday afternoon after school, you decided to do your homework in a cafe. You enter the busy store, and immediately your senses are filled with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and herbal tea. You make your way through the line, and place your order. You sit down and do your work, satisfied with where you are.
  1. Finally after a long journey, you have arrived at the library of your dreams. You enter and find a beautifully decorated victorian-style library, fit for a castle. You are so enthralled with the space, you didn’t even notice that you almost ran into a bookshelf.   You swear to yourself that you could live there forever, reading until the end of time.
  1. You decided to paint today. You prepare all of your materials, and decide what you’re going to paint. You mix two colors together and stare, completely mesmerized at how the colors swirl together to create something new. You spend the next few hours in the perfect space, creating something that expresses just how calm you are.
  1. Friday evening you decided to go exploring, as the sun sets into night. There’s a forest near, hidden from the outside world. You enter not knowing what secrets you’ll find. Instead of following the clearly marked road, you take the beaten path. You find a large tree that fell over near a river, it’s trunk has created the perfect alcove. You decided to climb in and sit in solitude as you enjoy the quiet sounds of nature.
  1. Spending time alone is great, spending time alone with cats is even better. You decided to sit down and write at a cat cafe, when all of a sudden you hear a meow behind you. It’s a small and very fluffy kitten, you smile and make sure you give the little kitten lots of hugs before continuing to focus. The kitten decides to curl up in your lap and fall asleep. As you sit there, you smile to yourself knowing that you’re acting as the perfect pillow for such a small beauty.
  2. Stargazing is an adventure in itself. You decided to take it to the next level and look at the beautiful shining dots from the rooftop, faint music in the background. As you stare out into an infinite canvas of black, you can’t help but admire the wonderful quietude of life.