Artists You’ll Dig

By Ellie Riser

Here are some artists you need to know.

For listeners needing some R&B:

Lucky Daye

I’m telling you now this guy is gonna be the next big R&B artist. I’ve been listening to him since late 2019 and I just feel it in my bones. Watch.

Songs you’ve heard: 

  • Over

Songs to dive into: 

  • Karma
  • Late Night
  • Roll Some Mo


You’ve probably heard Duckwrth without even knowing it but I’m letting you know that he is an artist you should definitely consider more seriously. He has such a reliable tracklist for R&B lovers, you can’t say no.

Songs you’ve heard:

  • Start a Riot
  • Kiss U Right Now

Songs to dive into:


For the wet-blanket friend:

Faye Webster

Good for crying or maybe being in love idk I can only attest to the first part.

Songs you’ve heard:

  • Right Side of My Neck
  • Kingston

Songs to dive into:

  • Better Distractions
  • In A Good Way

Angel Olsen

Olsen has such a wide variety of sound. She stays within the rock genre for the most part, but with every song she uses her voice in so many different ways. Absolute legend.

Songs you’ve heard:

  • Shut Up Kiss Me

Songs to dive into:

  • Unfucktheworld
  • Never Be Mine
  • New Love Cassette

If you’re in need of some classic Hip-Hop:

Mos Def


Songs you’ve heard:

  • Two Words by Kanye West
  • UMI Says

Songs to dive into:


The Chi didn’t only birth Kanye, but Common or Common Sense was also a big name to come out of Illinois. He has a super distinct sound that I think hit it’s prime on his album “Be”. His voice is super soothing and he uses raspy production to make really reliable everyday jams.

Songs you’ve heard:

  • GO!

Songs to dive into:

  • Punch Drunk Love
  • The Food
  • They Say

Talib Kweli

One of NY’s most respected lyricists in the game. He had close ties to Kanye when he was on the come up, Mos Def (check out their group black Star), Jay Z, and many others. His sound can be relaxed and fun but he also has a real talent for hard hitting songs about intense subjects similar to Immortal Technique (another one of his accomplices).

Songs you’ve heard:

  • Hot Thing (feat.
  • Get Em High by Kanye West

Songs to dive into:

  • We Know
  • Ms. Hill
  • Country Cousins (feat. UGK & Raheem DeVaughn)