Community Board Nomination Statements

Community Board Candidates

10th Grade

Surra Buraka

Hello my name is Surra Buraka. I’ve been at OES since 7th grade. I’ve chosen to represent the rising sophomore class because I have the drive and the passion to put in the work it takes to better our community. Over the past few years, we’ve been through a lot, and throughout these experiences, I’ve realized that community is one of the most important things we have at OES. I haven’t had the opportunity nor the experience of being on the Student Council. However, I believe that I can make a difference. 

I believe that I would be a good addition to CoBo because I have a different perspective than those who are on it this year. The main goal of the Community Board is to bring the community together through different perspectives, and as a varsity tennis team player, mock trial team member, and a member of the black student union I believe that I can bring a new perspective. I would like to integrate different affinity groups, sports, and clubs into our events so that we can appreciate the differences in our community. I would also like to give students the opportunity to give back to our community by initiating programs like the lower school interns to happen year-round since I know many of you enjoyed that winterim. I believe that a new perspective would bring new ideas to the table that will strengthen our community by bringing us together and celebrating our differences. 

Emily Hendrickson

I am running for Community Board as a previous member in hopes to represent our grade yet again. I have attended OES since kindergarten, and during my years here I have learned the importance of community and how much our school values everyone’s individual contribution. I want to run for this position again because of how much I enjoyed my experience this year. I am an active member of our community, and I promise to keep collaborating with classmates, faculty, and staff to build a vibrant and inclusive community. Over this past year, I have helped make numerous events possible and enjoyable, including Baller Week, Prom and Semi, gathering activities, and friendly competitions such as the volleyball and dodge ball tournaments, all of which I plan to continue in the upcoming year. As your Community Board representative, I want your voice to be heard. This is why you can always approach me with any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding our school’s community. I have a lot to bring to our Student Council, including my prior experience and new ideas.

Kofi Kim

I am a good CoBo rep because I have lots of experience in seven different schools. But I have been at OES for three years, so I know how it works here. I like to work with people from other grades, but I will prioritize the 10th grade.

Jiaming Zhang

I desire to run for the Community Board for three reasons:

1.) To build better teacher-student relationships

2.) To help students get more help from teachers 

3.) To support students’ interest by encouraging students to share their ideas and creating more clubs that match their interests. 

Currently, I am the club leader for our school’s Math club and Decoding earth club. Therefore, I know how important it is to support student’s common interest throughout the school, making our school a more inclusive community with many shared interests. I believe that by supporting these ideas and sharing out these interests, students can progress better in school and gain confidence in sharing their ideas in the future. As an OES student, I understand how essential office hours and student teacher communication is to the student body and this school as a whole. However, due to a fear of 1 on 1 meetings with teachers and overall apathy, students are not utilizing office hours and aren’t getting enough help from their teachers. I want to change the relationship between students and teachers, making students more eager to go to office hours or lunch on their own. Finally, I believe that through my experience of being club and non profit organization leader, I can be a great representative of our grade and contribute my leadership to our class.

11th Grade

Morgan Matthews

I’m Morgan Matthews, and I am running for 11th grade Community Board rep. I am running for Community Board because I value the student body’s participation in the OES community. It is important that the members of Community Board are able to make OES a fun and engaging space for students to express themselves and their creativity. Some qualities that I embody that I believe would make me a good candidate for community board include being outgoing, honest, and an active member in the community. I have strong connections with other grades, meaning we work together well. I would like to make school events such as gatherings, school dances, spirit weeks, pep rallies, and sports events more fun, enjoyable, and interactive for everyone. Specifically, I would like to allow the student body to engage in events via more lively games and activities during gathering/pep rallies. Spirit weeks would be more appealing and would encourage more people to participate. I would also advocate for sports teams that have important games/meets on days of school events. I plan on devoting time and effort to make the community more energizing and excitable. 

Marin Roseman

When I shadowed OES in middle school, the memory that stuck with me was the 10 minutes of gathering I saw—a line of people kneeling with their hands tied, eating donuts on a string. This somewhat significant part of my first time on campus is what motivated me to run for CoBo last year.

Throughout this past year working with CoBo, I’ve learned every prop, email, and meeting that go into our community events. Not everyone wants to handle and delegate tasks of bombarding Sarah with emails, coming to dances early to set up, or making late night Walgreens runs to buy supplies- but I know for a fact that every one of us could do with a little more genuine fun. I honestly never thought of myself as the type of person to enjoy these types of administrative tasks, but I’ve found throughout this past year that being involved in these things makes me appreciate the work that goes into every community event. As a member of Community Board, I prioritize and will continue to prioritize making school events fun. We’re always going to have dances, class meetings, and gathering announcements. However, it’s up to us as members of CoBo to make them worth your while and to meet the interests of every member of our school. I promise to continue advocating for every one of you and use every opportunity, recommendation, and idea I have to bring back the fun and enthusiasm our community craves.

Emily Shang

I always take an active part in all kinds of school activities, and I’m also hoping to provide some innovative ideas and try to improve the contents of the activities. From the perspective of a participant, prom is my favorite activity. I enjoyed it, and I want to make it better. I had the idea of adding some interactive games to enrich the content of the prom. With my enthusiasm and my experience, I believe I can achieve my goals. In the past year, as one of the founders of the dance club, I brought many performances to our OES campus. For example, I did the performances in the primary school department, gathering, and many sports competitions. I hope that in the future, I can also be part of the “designer” of our school activities, use not only my ideas, but also my outgoing and caring personality to bring more fun to everyone.

Etti Teherani-Ami

Hello Everyone, my name is Etti Teherani-Ami. Thank you all for electing me this past year to be a part of community board. As this was a tough year for everyone, we worked our hardest to bring a sense of community back after not having the in-person activities that we all love. I believe that I am a good advocate for our class because of my relationships within the school, willingness to bring our community together and my involvement in student life.

While we brought back events such as homecoming, pep rallies, school dances, and mini sports tournaments, we also introduced new activities like “baller” week and “live love lax” week to celebrate the different sports we have year-round. If elected, I will advocate to keep introducing new projects and continue to support the other groups and activities here at OES. I really would like to hear from you about how we can work together to create amazing events that celebrate the diversity of our school.

If I am re-elected as an 11th grade representative on the Community Board, I promise to bring my creativity, open mind, and positive attitude to plan unique and memorable events for everyone. Thank you for your support!

12th Grade

Olin Gilster

Infinite Monkey Theorem or as it’s also known (IMT) states, “that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.” Through my long and deliberate thought process about why I am running for 12th grade Community Board, I realized the Infinite Monkey Theorem is central to my cause for running. In the Infinite Monkey Theorem, the monkey, who is viewed as a random input source, is able to write the works of all humans despite the odds being stacked against it. While many people have argued with the Infinite Monkey Theorem, no arguments have been able to hold ground against the sheer will of the monkey on the typewriter. I view myself, a contributor and voice for the 12th grade on the Community Board, as this monkey. Despite whatever may come our way next year, I am committed to staying on the metaphorical typewriter to accomplish whatever task that may come before me. I want to make next year’s community events ones to be remembered because they are what define our highschool experience. My goals for next year are simple and attainable. With the help of the newly elected student body president, Arun, I hope to bring back the Snack Shack, revitalize student dances and gatherings, and finally, make our community something that every student wants to be a part of.

Hope (Hollis) Hale

Having always been passionate about community, I think Cobo is the perfect spot for me. I would like to utilize my energy to promote school spirit and community. Even though I wasn’t involved with Cobo, I was the first person to set up the singing of a national anthem and the dance club performance at a basketball game. Without their help, I have been raising the energy of the room and leading the way for fun! And just imagine what I could accomplish with the help of Cobo! I love cross-collaboration, and I believe that we need to see more grade, group, and divisional cross-over. This year, Johnny, Sylvie, and Alfredo have done an amazing job putting on fun activities. As a Cobo representative next year, I will continue those activities but reach out to more/different people to get variety in who we see on the stage. On Cobo, we will hype up the theater and art departments, so more people recognize the amazing things they produce and give them the appreciation they deserve. We will create activities during sports games for high schoolers and younger Oesians to participate in, so we engage with everyone and not just build a strong high school community but a strong school community. These ideas just scratch the surface of what I have in mind. I truly love and believe in the community at OES, and I think that with some HOPE, we can get our community to be even stronger and more coherent. 

Delaney O’Hara

Hi! I’m Delaney, and I’m running for a position on Community Board. I’m a good fit for this position because I have strong communication skills, am a good listener, and have helped plan school-wide events in the past. When I came into OES, I felt isolated but realized the importance of community events. After living many years overseas, my experiences have taught me how to reach beyond my comfort zone. I learned that communication and community are an integral part of my success in new environments. Over time, I have steadily gained confidence in my communication skills. My experience has allowed me to understand the importance of interactions between the administration and the students. In the position of a Community Board member, I will ensure that I collaborate with the student body as well as the admin to create fun events. I will listen to students to make a fun and positive community including all grade-level activities, school-wide events, and spirit weeks. Finally, I have really enjoyed helping out with planning events in the past and would love to use this position to take a role in creating events. I know we all miss the energy from our freshman year, and I want to bring that back. I will try my hardest to include fun activities such as teacher battles, mini hoop dunking compositions, ping pong games in gathering, and much more. If you vote for Delaney O’Hara as a community board representative, I will ensure a fun and eventful year!

Alia Raslan

My job as your Community Board representative is a simple one: to make this school a more fun place – whether that’s through dances, trivia events and competitions during gathering, pep rallies, or de-stressing events during finals week. For the past two years, I’ve worked hard to create a positive and enjoyable environment, and provide an escape from the stress that inevitably comes with high school – and I’ve loved every second of the work. Some highlights include a beautiful Semi dance under the stars, raising over $2000 for Neighborhood House with our bake sale during Baller Week, and the advisory gingerbread house making competition. Senior year is fast approaching, and while it’s bound to come with some difficulty and stress, I’ll continue working hard to plan events to help keep your stress at bay. I’m not just running as your classmate, but as your friend – and as your friend, I want to see a smile on your face. 

My ultimate goal for next year is to ensure that everyone at OES is celebrated through our community events – from athletes to performers. I’ve been involved in many extracurriculars, including soccer, lacrosse, theater, and Mock Trial, so know that I represent a diverse array of interests around the school. No matter who you are, your concerns will be valued. 

I sincerely thank you for your faith in me for the past two years – I hope I’ve continued to garner your support!

Dorm Reps

Zaira Henry

Everyone knows the famous quote “Home is where the heart is.” Well, when I first arrived on campus everyone in the dorms took me in with open hands, showed me around, and made me feel welcome. I was able to connect with students in different CoBo-planned activities throughout the year and would like to keep that going for new and present students. Now that I have come to understand the customs of our community I believe that my leadership skills, social abilities, and ideas along with the opinions of the dorm and day students could be a valuable asset to continue to grow the relationship between the two. My participation in school sports and plays have helped me see the school through different lenses which I could help share with everyone. It is evident that sports get way more recognition than the arts—we see this in events like baller week, homecoming, and live, love, lax week. But both are important and deserve the same amount of recognition that I would like to help bring.

Living in the dorms has already granted me the opportunity to hear what the dorm students have to say and would like to improve. CoBo has done a wonderful job this year in planning activities, and I would like to be one of the voices of the dorms to help us have a say. However, I believe that more school activities are needed throughout the year to help build an inclusive community, and I could help provide that. I have watched CoBo over the past year, and besides their well-planned events and activities, CoBo could improve if they took into consideration the opinions of the school.

Nazo Okoro

I am a creative person who is involved with the dorms and school. I would like to be a dorm rep to figure out ways to unite the dorms and the rest of the school with activities that both parties can be involved in actively. I am a friendly person, and this job would suit me well.