Vivek Mittal-Henkle

Just like you, I’m excited for summer, but just like autumn, my bright and fruitful time at OES is coming to an end.

Earlier this year, I was asked if I could take a couple seconds to be in a promotional video for OES. They wanted me to describe the OES community in one word. On the spot, I thought of ‘sprout’ because it seemed like it aligned with OES’s values and has to do with growing.

I actually think that OES is more of a garden. Each plant needs the others to cross-pollinate so that they can grow together. Over the course of my time here, I have learned that the more I have asked questions, talked to new people, and taken risks, the more I have been rewarded with tangible growth in myself. I can also see the fruits of my efforts in others. When you are deciding which courses to take, sports to participate in, clubs to join, projects to undertake, or merely where to sit at lunch, know that every little bit of energy you put in will multiply. Never underestimate the impact that you can have.

As I get ready for summer break, I have the image of autumn in my head. Quiet beauty with a tinge of sadness. I imagine bright leaves sidling down to the ground with a message of thanks written on each one.

Thank you to my fellow Dig members, editors, and Kara. Thank you to my friends, those who I have had enthralling conversations with and those who I have interacted with in passing. Thank you to those who I didn’t get the chance to meet. Thank you to my coaches. Thank you to my teachers.

Happy summer,


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Image Credit: Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash