Torben Karl


I haven’t thought about what to write in this article at all. Partly due to the fact that I haven’t quite acknowledged that this is my last week of school here. Wonder why…(maybe because of the six projects that have been assigned in the last couple of weeks, leaving me with no time to bask in the sunny glory of almost being done)…

I joined the Dig at the start of my Junior year after deciding not to the year prior. I joined because I had lots of interesting ideas and wanted an outlet—it has certainly served its purpose in that way.  

It seems like a lot of newsletter writers have a “thing,” a niche category that their articles fit nicely into, but I’m still not sure what mine is. If I had to define it, I might say it fits into the category of guides—movie and album reviews, tips on where to go hiking or skiing, or updates on how sports teams are faring in their seasons

Throughout my time in the Dig, I wrote some articles. I have lots of starts (LOTS), ideas of articles that began and never got thought out completely. Overall, my time writing for the Dig has been very nice. The culture in the activity is great—it’s well structured and all of the writers/editors are awesome. I have so enjoyed becoming a greater part of this meaningful community through it.

Now, back to my projects…and hopefully graduating…

Thank you for your time.