Ellie Riser

Hello my little musical goblins, it’s been far too long since I last wrote you, and for that, I’m deeply sorry…but today, the wait is over! I have put (what small bits I have left of) my heart and soul into curating a list of songs that are nothing short of perfect. I encourage you to listen along with the playlist I’ve created and prepare to laugh, cry, die, be reborn, and die once more as we dive into Ellie’s List of Perfect Songs. 

Grant Button

A few months ago, my friend Edward and I were curious about what jobs the parents in the OES community have. We realized that we had really no idea about what other parents’ professions were. Considering that OES is an independent school with a very diverse and interesting community, we thought that many parents might have really fascinating jobs, so we went out looking for parents willing to share their life’s work with us.