Honeywell Emergency System

by Matthew Li

In the latest OES security news, Asha Appel has informed us that a new security notification system made by Honeywell has been implemented for the safety of our community in many different situations. After a recent lockdown in which some students weren’t able to be notified of the lockdown via the speaker system, a question was raised: how can we enforce the safety of our students quickly and reliably in different situations?

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A Modern Slavery; Human Trafficking in the Portland Area

by Audrey Meschter

In the polished linoleum hallways of an American shopping mall, a man sits at an empty food court table, practically invisible to the passing crowds of bag-toting shoppers. He is in his mid-twenties, well-dressed and relatively handsome, the epitome of mediocrity, and passable in every sense of the word. Yet as he sips from his styrofoam cup, his eyes dart across the crowds searching for vulnerability and hesitance, a lack of confidence, or an aura of insecurity. Read More »