Zoe Strothkamp

The history of animal research is strewn with scandal. Stories of cruelty and science-fiction type experiments have, over the years, grabbed the public’s attention. Photos of cats with metal apparatus strapped to their head and electrodes drilled into their brains—to test brainwave activity—show up in people’s mailboxes as donation requests to the animal rights group PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The sad stories of dogs bred to have muscular dystrophy and live short lives, getting perpetually weaker and weaker until their hearts cannot pump blood and they die on chain-link floors among dozens of other dying dogs—those stories, too, startle people long enough to condemn animal research. For anyone that has owned a pet, the thought of voluntarily subjecting an animal to injury, experimentation, or illness pulls at the heartstrings and elicits cries against the cruelty of the research industry. However, in some cases, it is justified. 

Patrick Barnette

OES offers many school sports, and we appreciate and take pride in our athletics. However, non-OESians are often surprised when they hear that our main sports are Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse. In most American high schools, Football and Baseball would take the place of Soccer and Lacrosse respectively. Because of the lack of some major sports at OES, students are allowed to participate in their local public high school’s programs.