The Snowpocalypse Problem

By Viraj Shankar

January 8th, 2005: Nestled behind two thick maple trees, both radiating with sunken, yet somehow towering branches, stood a perfectly proportioned craftsman house. Its navy blue hue stood out amongst the darkening clouds. The tall, coarse bark snaked its way down from the tree’s peak to its base, where it encountered an expansive stretch of chilled concrete. A contiguous surface, the marbled concrete flowed like a river at its calmest hour. The steep gradient of the hill, where the driveway met the road, made the perfect duo for a disaster waiting to happen. Then, a snowflake, effervescent in nature, raced to the street, and congealed upon contact.

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Oregon’s Gamble

By Sophie Chen

Often, the winners are in disbelief. They check again and again, call the Lottery headquarters, and tell their friends. It might be a rollercoaster of emotions; in the morning they’re thrilled, and by the time it’s on the news, they lock all the doors, fearing that someone will try and kidnap their kids. 

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Friends of the Forest: The Restoration of the Columbia River Gorge

By Audrey Gingras

On September 2, 2017, the massive Eagle Creek fire started, burning “more than 48,000 acres in the scenic Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood National Forest” along with “121 miles of national forest trails” (Cowley). It all started when one teenager hurled fireworks into a canyon near one of Oregon’s most breathtaking hiking trails during a burn ban, sparking the wildfire that raged through the Columbia River Gorge for months before containment; areas still smoldered into May of 2018 (Eltagouri).

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A Modern Slavery; Human Trafficking in the Portland Area

by Audrey Meschter

In the polished linoleum hallways of an American shopping mall, a man sits at an empty food court table, practically invisible to the passing crowds of bag-toting shoppers. He is in his mid-twenties, well-dressed and relatively handsome, the epitome of mediocrity, and passable in every sense of the word. Yet as he sips from his styrofoam cup, his eyes dart across the crowds searching for vulnerability and hesitance, a lack of confidence, or an aura of insecurity. Read More »