Vy Nguyen

“You [will] be put to death in the electric chair by having electrical current passed through your body in such amount and frequency until you are rendered death”. There were the words of Judge Clifford B. Shepard to Clifford Williams Jr. on October 27, 1976, when Williams was accused of a break-in murder despite contrasting forensics evidence and a strong alibi. In many ways, he was sentenced because he was Black.

Patrick Barnette

Whether you like it or not, Biden is looking like he has the ticket nearly secured, with an over 10% lead in most major polls. It wouldn’t be bold to assume that for many on the left, that is a relief. However, if you are tired of the hysteria, and just ready to take a break from politics, it would be a good idea to take a step back and look at what a Biden presidency would really mean for the country. 

Viraj Shankar

It’s a painful, yet critically important time to live in America right now. These last few days have shown us that systemic racism and inequality are problems that are far from being over. As the nation continues to reflect, protest, and demand action, I urge everyone at OES, especially the OES administration, to look inward, and see if they really are using their power for good.