Viraj Shankar

It’s a painful, yet critically important time to live in America right now. These last few days have shown us that systemic racism and inequality are problems that are far from being over. As the nation continues to reflect, protest, and demand action, I urge everyone at OES, especially the OES administration, to look inward, and see if they really are using their power for good. 

By Anna Blake Patrick

One of the main things teenagers are known for is their unrivaled ability to eat. We eat and eat and eat without stopping throughout the day and often become monsters if we are deprived for any length of time. To keep us from wandering to the vending machines or chugging caffeine drinks, we need snacks to keep our blood sugar (and let’s face it, our moods) from plummeting. For mental acuity, stamina, and the best possible teenage mood, we need to eat food–good food–with protein and low sugar to prevent the insulin spikes.