Sophia Elfrink

While reading Matthew Desmond’s Evicted, LJ Seniors explored the challenges that communities are facing in terms of housing. The class was excited by an opportunity to support the Emanuel Displaced Persons Association, a local organization of those affected by Portland’s Emanuel Hospital expansion forced removal. To learn more about the project, the class met with Ed Johnson, director of litigation at the Oregon Law Center. We were also joined by Byrd, “a North Portland native and founding member of EDPA2.” Together we made a PSA video to spread more awareness and information about what is happening right now. 

Ellie Riser

In my new series, I will be talking with local artists and creators about their projects and experience being an artist in Portland and how that impacts their interactions with the community. Last week I had the privilege to speak with Randal Wyatt, a Portland rapper and activist working against the rampant gentrification of Portland’s black communities. Here is our conversation:

Torben Karl

This week I got the chance to speak with Tom Handel, OES’s Experiential Learning Coordinator and adventure guru, about his mindset around exploring during COVID and how has been getting out into the great outdoors over these past seven months, as well as some of his tips and recommendations for the coming fall and winter season.