Will Perry

After a 4-11 season and weeks of cryptic social media posts, star QB Deshaun Watson has officially demanded a trade from the Houston Texans. Not even a year removed from signing a 4-year, $156 million contract, Watson is fed up with the organizational dysfunction and wants to jump ship before it sinks completely. Additionally, the lack of respect he has received from executives in decision-making has frustrated him to no end.

by Ronit Mehta

If you guys have spent some time on Instagram recently (shoutout House of Highlights), or even the Great Hall during the last month, you have seen Spikeball being played. Over the past couple of months, this backyard game has shot up in popularity as more and more people start spending their time diving after that yellow bouncy ball. From the USA Spikeball Championship to the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, people from around the world have had a part in the rise of the game. Down below is a history of Spikeball, the official rules, and some views on the game.