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The Seattle Mariners had not made the MLB playoffs in 20 years. The longest active playoff drought amongst major North American sports. A number so astounding that the last time they made the playoffs was when Barry Bonds set the all time home run record with 73 and  Ichiro Sizuki was a rookie. But finally, after 20 painful years for Mariner fans they have been rewarded.

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Where The Trail Blazers Should Go in The 2022 NBA Draft

By Hugh Baldwin

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen the Trail Blazers have a good shot at a top prospect since I was, like eight. At last, they might just have that chance this offseason. Ever since that egregious sweep in the 2019 Western Conference championship, the Blazers have needed a rebuild of sorts, but Olshey and Co. consistently shied away from the idea. Now, finally, somebody—namely Jim Cronin—took the time to notice the need for a ‘rebuild’.