By Sophia Elfrink 

Many students and faculty have noticed an increase in the amount of trash around the OES campus. Every day, on my trek down to the lower parking lot, I encounter granola bar wrappers, pencils, hair- ties, and plastic cups which are strewn about the campus. As a citizen of the OES community, I feel I must pick up trash when I see it, and you should too. But rather than shaming anyone, let’s investigate the root causes and consequences of littering.

By Vy Nguyen and Maya Khalife-Hamdan

Unlike what mainstream media such as CNN or BBC are covering, the revolution was not started only because of the Whatsapp tax. Even though it is true that this tax received mass outrage from the citizens, this is not the only reason why the Lebanese people took to the streets. Their passion and unification stem from a much deeper, ongoing anger towards the corrupt government that have committed a continuous series of wrongdoings toward the people.

by Anna Blake Patrick

In recent years, the only way to describe the hype around Homecoming has been… disheartening. Typically the words “Homecoming” and “disheartening” don’t — or shouldn’t — belong in the same sentence. However, the words “Homecoming” and “School Spirit” should. 2019 should not be yet another year that we let our school spirit fall to the wayside.