1. You have the lunch menu bookmarked. And you check it about as much as you check Facebook.

2. You’ve given up on the concept of Dead Week (the week before finals), because you know it will be just as stressful and project/test filled as Finals Week.

3.You’re caught completely off-guard when your out of school friends refer to their teachers as Mr. and Mrs. Something.

4. When you’re not in school, you still expect someone to serve you cheese, fruit, and some sort of cracker at 10am.

5. Double Sleep-in days become as exciting as your birthday. And you brag about it to your friends when it’s your Double Sleep-in week.

Yes, Giving Tree is still a thing! This could have been a gathering announcement. Or at least have had some more interesting trivia questions, like “Which present was actually asked for on a giving tree tag? A. calculator B. lightbulb C. water polo ball D. Halloween costume.” Are Natalie and Daniel sell-outs? Have they gone mainstream and turned trivia into an advertisement? Probably not, but today’s trivia was a step in the wrong direction. Today: great intentions, not-so-great trivia.

Today’s rating: C