The 5 Terrible Stages Of Crushing With 25 Terrific Songs To Get You Through It

by Ellie Riser

All of us have been there; you walk into a class, you look across a room, maybe you’re mid-conversation with one of your friends, when all of a sudden you lock eyes and it hits you: butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, hot cheeks, a huge grin, the whole nine yards. So, in spirit of what some would consider “cuffing season”, I’ve created a five song playlist for each stage to help you get through your sucky neurochemical imbalance. 

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Fall Adventures with Tom Handel

by Izzy Price

Do you like adventuring with friends out in nature? Does paddling through the salty spray of the ocean off the Oregon Coast appeal to you? How about sleeping under the stars under massive rocks perfect for daytime climbing adventures? And finally, what about laughing and sharing stories with friends as expansive cornfields roll by masked in the warm glow of the setting sun? If any of these sounds appealing, then the following trips are for you! 

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