You Won’t Believe What Kara Said In The Dig Yesterday!

by Alex Finley

Yesterday, Kara made an offhanded remark about watching Kendrick Lamar perform at the Grammys. Like most others in the room, I was quite surprised to hear that Kara, an adult, had watched, and — here’s the kicker -– enjoyed the performance. In response I made the sarcastic statement that “Nobody over twenty seems to know who Kendrick even is,” to which Kara, somewhat perturbed, claimed to be nineteen years old.

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Dorm Billiards

By Alex Finley 

Many of you already know about the fiercely competitive billiard games that go on in the dorms from the article by ex-Dig author Alden Felstiner. As a members of the elite class of pool players in the OES dorms, Daniel “The Caramel Prince” T., Daniel “Big D” E., and myself would like to invite any prospective billiard players to come test their metal in a pool tournament that will take place next friday.

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