Reporting From Bubble Soccer

by Graham O’Connor

War. War never changes.

That’s what we’re learning right now at 8:18 on January 28th, as teams of OES students battle for dominance in the bubble soccer arena. It’s good old-fashioned, quick paced, friend-against-friend, brother-against-sister combat. Makayla McKinney Griggs goes for the ball, only to be rammed into the wall by Maya Caulfield, the moment being topped with a roar from the crowd.

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Spoiler Wars

by Graham O’Connor and Daniel Park

I want to make one thing clear before I start: “The Force Awakens” was not a bad movie.

The actors and actresses all did excellent jobs. The impressive special effects are nod to the classic Star Wars films, with the simple scene transitions and real –not CGI– alien costumes. It promises to be an exciting beginning to the new trilogy.

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