Hugh Baldwin

This past Monday, our Aardvarks were in disbelief as snow visited us in April. Though most—if not all—schools called the day off, OES held firm with a 2-hour late start. In my case (and likely in others), I looked down the street and decided under no circumstances was I about to drive through all that snow—but my dad had other plans: “You have school. You’re going.”
And so we went.

Where The Trail Blazers Should Go in The 2022 NBA Draft

By Hugh Baldwin

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen the Trail Blazers have a good shot at a top prospect since I was, like eight. At last, they might just have that chance this offseason. Ever since that egregious sweep in the 2019 Western Conference championship, the Blazers have needed a rebuild of sorts, but Olshey and Co. consistently shied away from the idea. Now, finally, somebody—namely Jim Cronin—took the time to notice the need for a ‘rebuild’.

Hugh Baldwin

Earlier this September, Marvel Studios paid homage to one of their lesser-known figures when they released the 25th installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. Based on the Shang-Chi comics that were first published in the 1970s, the cinematic rendition of the original seemed just as pristine as any other Marvel Studios recreation in the past decade. But did it really make sense?