by Thomas Hochman and Charlie Norgaard

The IPBES Global Assessment was released last week, painting a vivid picture of our planet’s current environmental trajectory. The report details the multifaceted threats to our food security, biodiversity, and general way of life, simultaneously offering policy-based solutions to a number of said problems.

Its conclusion is clear, which I will try to spell out without overstating it:

We might be completely fucked.

by Thomas Hochman

In a rapidly changing world, sustainability has become a centerpiece of the public conversation surrounding the environment. With the US government’s attempts at clean energy initiatives being generally sidelined by powerful corporate lobbyists, private institutions have taken it upon themselves to adopt more energetic environmental practices. In this space, the private sector has found varying degrees of success, with a whole host of economic, behavioral, and structural challenges barring the full breadth of potential progress. And in a particularly interesting way, OES serves as a microcosm for both the successes and failures of the current system.